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8 Luxury Watches That Famous Musicians Wear



Many musicians and bands such as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and Robbie Williams like to wear luxury watches from famous brands. Many rich people like the brands Rolex, Zenith, or Omega and even buy a watch case for men.

You can’t buy time – but watches, you can!


Founded in 1963, the Swiss luxury manufacturer is still considered one of the most innovative and luxurious watch brands in the world with its multitude of timepieces with luxurious complications. Probably the most famous model is the Reverso reversible watch launched in 1931, which still stands for elegance and noble understatement and has been supplemented by the “Sqadra Lady” line. Meanwhile, the Swiss manufacturer is also appreciated for its sporty models such as the Master Control line. (Price range from 3050 Euro)


The mid-range brand was founded in Saint-Imier (Switzerland) in 1832 and has gained a worldwide reputation due to its strong presence in the field of sports timekeeping. But Longines is also known for its feminine watch models such as the DolceVita, the PrimaLuna, and the Art Deco watch collection Les Elégantes. (Price range: 800 – 2500 Euro)


Founded in 1848, the Swiss watch brand stands for high-tech paired with classic elegance and sportiness, which also characterize the women’s collections. Particularly popular is the Constellation, which has great recognition value due to its claws, as well as the sporty, elegant “De Ville” chronographs.

Patek Philippe

Watches from this manufactory belong to the absolute elite and at the same time stand for pure understatement due to their optical restraint. Known for grandiose precision mechanics, the watch manufactory for women offers both quartz models and mechanical movements. The most famous women’s models are the Aquanaut, the Calatrava, the Nautilus, and the classic: the Twenty-4.


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Since its foundation in 1874, Piaget has been convincing in the art of watchmaking and jewelry with luxurious creations. Initially, the manufactory specialized in the design and production of movements and only expanded its range in the 1960s to include fine jewelry watches, followed by innovative jewelry collections. The most famous women’s watch lines are Polo, Magic Hour, Altipiano, and Limelight.


Rado watches polarize: Either you find them extremely beautiful or extremely ugly. Their innovative, idiosyncratic design and scratch-resistant high-tech materials such as ceramics and high-tech diamonds form the unmistakable brand CI and give the timepieces their strong and unique character. The stylish models are trendy almost everywhere and especially popular with women in creative industries. (Price range: 500 – 13,000 euros)


RolexRolexoccupies a special position in the ranking of brand hierarchies: Like no other brand, it is either loved or passionately ostracized – and everyone knows and recognizes it. In the women’s sector, it is mainly known and popular for Datejust models as well as the Cellini, Daydate, and Daytona women’s variants.


The traditional Swiss watch brand stands for technical excellence, as embodied for example by the “El Primero” chronograph movement. It is even one of the few manufacturers to offer a Lady Tourbillon and many mechanical calibers for women, such as the “Star Open” line, which provides insight into the movement via the dial.