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Deciding to play a musical instrument is a start of something new. The idea alone is enough to fuel excitement but behind the scenes, it’s filled with dedication and hard work. It is something that would require anyone to learn new skills and process information.

But assuming that you pushed through and give it some time to learn, there are many benefits that you can acquire from playing musical instrument.

Eliminate Stress

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released a study towards the effectiveness of music in lowering stress levels. The test divides its volunteers to 3 groups. Before exposing them to the stressor, every group was initially exposed to different stimulus.

  • Group 1 – relaxing music
  • Group 2 – sound of rippling water and;
  • Group 3 – resting without sound present

After it, the stress indicators have been measured. The study found out that those who were listening to relaxing music prior to the stressor had lower cortisol or the stress hormone compared to the other groups.

Develop Patience

It is a fact that learning how to play a musical instrument isn’t easy. It needs not just your mind but your body as well. You need to know about chord shapes and/or fingerings, absorb new information and develop techniques. All of this would not be possible if you are not patient enough.