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Product Ringo Tee

There’s a huge difference between creating music as profession and making music as a hobby. Just as with businesses, presentation is quite important. One aspect of seeing your career as a musician like a business entails your presentation.

If you look as if you are somewhat amateurish, then people would subconsciously see you as someone who produces low quality music and not worth of their time and attention.

This is basically the reason why it is essential to have high quality visual components. If done correctly, it can generate strong presence over the web.


When you are starting out, it is recommended to invest in professional photographer. They will help big time in getting high-quality photos of your band or yourself that can then be used in your bio, social media accounts and website.

If you’re lucky, your photographer may know some people in the industry whom they can introduce you to. So make sure that you have established professional relationship with them. Besides, clear communication will help them to attain results that you are expecting.


Another aspect that should not be taken for granted is graphics. Graphics will most likely seen in your poster, ads and everything in between. Likewise with photos, people will associate you, your band and everyone else involved with you based on how good the graphics look like.