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In the music scene, it is critical to establish yourself as a brand. This simplifies everything for people and your fans to quickly distinguish and identify you from other artists. For some, this could be a hard feat but a great way of understanding who you are is establishing who you are not.

You ought to know this in order to effectively market your music and put it in front of the right market. Oftentimes, you need to reach folks who are similar to you. This is why it is important you must know about yourself or have self-awareness.

By developing your brand and identity, it helps fans in deciding if your music would resonate with them. Keep in mind that different people have different taste for music.

Where to Start?

You have to know that at the early stage of your career, you must start with something that’s originally to you and commit to it.

What Helps?

The difficult part here is trying to sum up what and who you are about in a couple of lines. Being able to identify yourself as a guitarist or rapper is too broad. You need to be more specific like what people could expect from your music, what type of subculture, scenes, hobbies, interests or lifestyles you’re into apart from music?