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Kanye West Is Setting His All Black Style and Boots Trend

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Kanye West continues to convey a lesson in making monochromatic clothes look sleek.

The “Love Lockdown” rapper was spotted yesterday while out and about in L. A. in an all-black ensemble. A black oversized leather jacket that is featuring extra-long sleeves and two front pockets are what West opted for. What helped pull his outfit together nicely is him wearing a neutral-colored T-shirt underneath. And fitting within his one-color vibe is a pair of black skinny jeans that he chose to wear on the lower half.

When it minified to the shoes, West slipped his feet into a pair of tall black Red Wing boots. These boots are his favorite shoe silhouette currently, as we’ve seen him wearing them frequently. For some people, wearing safety boots, like what you can find from the great safety boots Ireland sale, looks more stylish and has this rugged look. But not for Kanye, who wants to stand out.


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He encompasses a unique and stylish clothing aesthetic that enables him to be a trendsetter in an exceedingly few areas of the style industry. He’s a designer who creates new sneaker trends and designs that are beloved on Instagram feeds and on runways alike. A number of his favorite silhouettes included skinny denim, intricate leather pieces, and straightforward hoodies. He has recently taken a powerful liking to Balenciaga, and he’s often spotted wearing the brand or carrying the label’s shopping bags. Sneakers by his Adidas Yeezy brand and boots is what he typically wears when talking about the footwear front.

West has made a reputation for himself within the style industry and has been the creative director of Yeezy for years. He recently collaborated with Gap on a group of clothing that has functionality and luxury in mind. His newest collection with Gap is “Engineered” by Balenciaga with the assistance of the French luxury house’s creative director, Demna, who last year ditched his surname Gvasalia.