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Learning New Things: Play an Instrument

Have you always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, but you simply don’t have the time or the motivation to actually pick up an instrument? Or maybe you already know how to play an instrument, but the desire to keep practicing has lately decreased? This is the case for many and it is important that the motivation remains high. The knowing advantages that brings practicing a musical instrument with them, just might be what you need to your motivation to relaunch and to become active.

It promotes your intelligence

Playing any musical instrument is an extremely demanding and stimulating exercise for the mind. After just five months of regular play, you will experience noticeable positive changes in the physical structure of your brain. The activity releases various biochemical processes in the brain. This will improve your mental abilities.

With regular practice, for example, you can significantly improve your own memory and concentration. Since making music requires a high degree of coordination between your eyes, ears, hands and your mind, playing an instrument leads to better coordination, fine motor skills and planning skills. In addition, musicians usually also have better language skills and an increased attention span compared to people who do not play a musical instrument.

It leads to improvement in social skills

In order to learn to play a musical instrument, one usually has to study music theory. It is also important to listen carefully to music. With enough practice, your hearing will noticeably improve. So you should be able to better identify changes in sounds. In this way you can – without any intention – recognize even the smallest variations of tones.

It is a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself

Practicing a musical instrument is a great way to unleash your inner artist and express your creativity. If you expand your knowledge of music theory and become a better musician with regular practice, you have more opportunities to develop musically freely. This will make you better at improvising your own musical arrangements. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of a piece of music you have composed yourself.

It builds your confidence

If you play through a piece flawlessly even in your bedroom, it is a great feeling of success and satisfaction.. Hopefully after such a performance you will be proud that you mastered these challenges with hard work and practice. This gives a tremendous boost to your self-confidence. Even if you’ve always had stage fright, this is how you build confidence in your abilities.

It is a fun way to use time productively.

Playing a musical instrument is a fun hobby. However, what makes it really great is the ability to be productive while enjoying the time and with grow room ventilation calculator your plant will look even better. Music helps you relieve stress and has a calming effect. It lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and even the levels of stress hormones in the brain.