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Comprehend the Instagram Clipboard for Your Profile and Bio

ClipboardIn this web page: htps://, the Famoid team of social media marketers discusses the importance of Instagram Clipboard in promoting music.

Instagram provides marketing support by way of visual content. Many think that the only way to promote their music is to create MTVs, which can be time and money consuming, and therefore not sustainable. One of the most practical suggestions we’ve come across in promoting our work as musicians is to give particular attention to our profile and bio.

Instagram after all has more than 2 billion users who are actively viewing and reading everything in their newsfeeds. If the regular photos and images are not enough, any of those two billion users scour the Explore Page to discover other topics deemed interesting by different users.

To effectively promote the music you uploaded on Instagram, craft your profile and bio into something more interesting than presenting yourself as an aspiring singer-songwriter. Follow the footsteps of music artists who at first, were unknowns who merely composed songs for already popular singers.

What Could Viewers Find Interesting in a User’s Profile and Bio

Instagram profileDevoting some time in crafting an Instagram profile serves as a support to your claim that you’re a highly in demand professional songwriter. First off, mention in your bio if you’re a College of Music graduate. That alone could explain a lot about your skills in arranging music and in producing original compositions.
Yet if you’re a product of the Hard Knocks School, inspire your readers and viewers by sharing your accomplishments and achievements as a polished and creative musician. That is despite getting education from all the hardships and disappointments of your past experiences.

Maintain and Continuously Update Your Profile

Don’t think of your profile as a done deal that cannot be revised. This is the only Instagram section that carries pertinent connection to you, so make it a point to keep your bio content up to date.

Since Instagram allows only 150 words and only one link in your bio, be sure to replace your bio link with the latest news about your music career. At the same time, feature the latest news as an IG Story or IG Reel.

Optimise the account profile by using a link that will redirect your viewers to your website. Be sure your website contains all the relevant and important information about you, including all the artists you’ve worked with in the past.

Don’t forget to add a profile picture and don’t be shy to ask your family and friends, which photo is quite appealing. If you’re not comfortable using your real name and real image just to add a touch of mystery, the choice is yours.

However, Netizens tend to be resistant to persons hiding behind a pseudonym or fictional identity. Yet if you are using a professionally created logo, it could help boost your profile account.