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How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentation

Music is a medium that you can integrate into a PowerPoint presentation. You can do this with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, it requires more sensitivity.

Adding music to your PowerPoint presentation

Everyone knows that who has ever had to listen to every new line of text is accompanied by a pistol shot or one presentation ended with artificial applause. But when can you use sound files or music? Actually only in one case. This is the case with independently running, repetitive presentations. But even then, no shots should be fired. Instead, you can play the appropriate music. Another option is a recorded lecture that accompanies the presentation. Microsoft Office can help you with any kind of presentation you may need.

PowerPoint already offers various sound snippets that you can use as illustrative material. Most of the sound snippets are hardly usable for more. You integrate them like images and text. A sound file is placed on the slide, after which you determine when and for how long it will be used.

This is how you add music to your PowerPoint presentation

With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create beautiful presentations quickly and easily. In addition to the numerous features and tools of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can also add music to your presentation. That provides variety and a certain dynamic. That’s how it works:

  • Start Microsoft PowerPoint and open your presentation that you want to add music.
  • Now select the slide that you want to add music to.
  • On the ribbon, click Paste. Go to the “Audio” option on the far right and then insert your desired title into your presentation.

When you have successfully inserted the music, a speaker icon will appear on your selected slide. Drag this icon into the grey-coloured area at the edge to hide it from your presentation. The music remains active.

Edit music in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can use various editing functions to adapt your music individually to your presentation. And even play the music over the entire presentation. If you want your music to play across slides, do this.

Click on the “loudspeaker icon” and select the command “Play across slides” under “Playback”. Now you have completely stored your presentation with your music.