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Best Outfit for Every Dance Class

With lots of different styles of dance to choose from, we wanted to put a handy guide together to help you know what to wear for each class.


Clothes – loose-fitting like baggy trousers are a lot more comfortable to dance certain moves in even the best men’s bomber jacket online. Some actions you have to hold onto a loose-fitting t-shirt or too much material on your trousers so the looser the more comfy it is!

Shoes – coaches, best ones are calm trainers which do not have as much support as sports specialists. Have to be able to move across the floor faster and efficiently.


Anything which is somewhat tight fitting so your position can be assessed. Useful if you can see your joints so can correct foot positioning. Great quality yoga clothing works best for ballet as the material is breathable. For more exceptional levels, a unitard or all-in-one with leotard and clothes can best show off your method.


Clothes – huge clothes and leggings woule be great. Anything you can move smoothly in. Layers are always great to keep your body heated.

Shoes – none or modern half shoes or foot mittens (these help to preserve the feet particularly in more advanced levels).


Clothes – somewhat tight-fitting would be great so you can simply manage your posture. Leggings are great, anything you can move easily in.

Shoes – jazz footwear, jazz coaches or bare feet.


Clothes – fitness clothing or leisure outfits (skirts, suits, jeans etc.) as most of the movement is from the knee down. Though in more advanced levels most helpful to wear something you can move freely in as there will be more full-body moves such as arms and turns.

Shoes – tap shoes, these can be any make or style whichever you feel most comfy in. The better quality ones are typically a lot more complex so keep this in mind if you are a beginner to tap.

In addition, think about heel height, you must be able to do actions on your toes so if the heel is quite large, this will take more power in your calf tissues to keep on your toes.