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The Combination of Music and Painting

For many people, music evokes certain visual images, and paintings in artfully designed picture frames are in turn complemented with timbres that are almost physically audible. Music develops and deepens the emotional impression of the visual arts. It helps to better perceive and understand the passion and meaning of painting, drawings, graphics and photography.

Connections between music and painting are significant for the emergence and development of new art genres and create a special atmosphere that significantly influences the value of the two arts and strengthens their imagination. The amalgamation of literature and painting once gave birth to book illustration, and the integration of theater, music, dance and poetry gave birth to opera. Yet painting and music are not directly related – not like painting and architecture or painting and literature.

Different languages ​​of expression, common goals

At first glance it seems as if picture frames and painting cannot be combined with music at all: picture frames and painting have a spatial property and are static for the viewer; Music moves dynamically with time and relates to the current moment in which sound and timbre can exist. However, these arts address the same thing in different ways: creating artistic images that convey the artist’s thoughts and reflect his emotions.

Picture frames in the service of the arts

Music and painting are interesting not so much in their abstract comparison, but in their practical interaction and synthesis. Just as a pretty picture frame emphasizes and underlines the meaning of its picture, painting, photography and graphics are important sources of inspiration. It is therefore important to present your favorite pictures in suitable, tasteful picture frames on the walls of your apartment in order to give the apartment style and elegance and to create an ideal ambience. There is no doubt that beautiful music, pictures and picture frames belong together. This synthesis miraculously takes the arts to a higher level and develops their emotional expressiveness.

Painting inspires composers, gives them ideas and moods, which are then brought to life in sounds, rhythms and timbres. The composer’s task is “only” to capture visual images in sounds and to convey them. Without the influence of music, painters cannot imagine their work either. When an artist paints a picture while listening to beautiful music, it is as if the sounds and the colors penetrate the canvas. Music creates a special creative mood and helps to depict a portrait or landscape more deeply and emotionally.

Artists and musicians have long been interested in the synthesis of music and painting . You can visit website where you can see aesthetically beautiful and elegant picture frames as well as design , photography, interactive installations, computer graphics and virtual reality come together in integrated multimedia genres and contribute to the emergence of new art forms of the 21st century.